About the Company

For more than 17 years AZ TECH, s.r.o. has been a reliable supplier of electrotechnical, grinding and adhesive materials designated for modern industrial technologies. Our solutions are used by important companies engaged in various industrial activities. We collaborate with many partners from different sectors, from car and aircraft manufacturers to builders or power producers.

Complex Services

As one of few companies, we provide complex services for our customers. We propose utilisation of the most suitable materials and products. In addition to supplies of standard articles, we also modify products in accordance with particular requirements of our customers. We are able to finish basic materials in the requested shapes and dimensions thanks to modern technologies. We can cut the material – rolls of one-side or two-side adhesives – in the required width specified in the tenths of a millimetre.

As a part of our services, we also provide long-term technical support and offer storage in consignation warehouses.

New Technologies

Since 2001, when we bought our first production facilities, we have also been offering our own high-quality products. In 2015, the management of AZ TECH decided to enhance the company’s own production, by purchasing two latest generation machines. Since then, our own production has been playing an ever increasing role, the amount of added value has grown significantly and the level of services provided for our customers has improved considerably.

We are manufacturer of heating cables and thermo isolation material AZ TRCoat. 

New Products

In 2014 we expanded our portfolio companies for Heat Division, which operates:




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