Passenger and cargo airplanes are machines featuring a wide range of the latest research and development products. AZ TECH, s.r.o. offers commodities that can be used in the course of airframe and jet engine construction as well as for the purpose of repairs and maintenance. We are certified by SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o. for ISO 9001:2008.

Construction adhesive bonding


Airframes need to be light and capable of withstanding extreme stress. That is why adhesive bonding is used for their construction.

Documents for downloading:

• Glues – Two-side adhesive tapes – Velcro tacks - 507.08 KB
• RITE-LOK - 255.2 KB

Insulation of electric wiring and components

electrotechnical tapes

Electro-tapes with a wide range of electrical and mechanical characteristics may be used to insulate electric cables and components.

Surface polishing and elimination of defects of lacquered panels

one-side adhesive materials

Our paint polish and repair system can help eliminate small blemishes caused by dirt (for instance, by dust particles in wet paint). It can even eliminate small scratches. A similar system can be used to restore older lacquered surfaces

Documents for downloading:

Surface protection foils and tapes - 339.38 KB

Finishing of aircraft construction components

abrasive materials

In order to finish aircraft components and to improve their surface, it is possible to use flexible abrasive materials and fleeces suitable for rotary, orbital and belt grinders.

Documents for downloading:

Scotch-Brite plate disks and brushes - 892.62 KB
• 3M products for angular grinding - 2.23 MB
• Pneumatic tools - 3.08 MB

Elimination of glass scratches and defects

abrasive materials

Grinding disks with micro-abrasives and polishing paste can be used to eliminate small scratches on passenger windows.

Documents for downloading:

• Glass Repair Systém - 681.34 KB

Safety elements of aircraft gangways

one-side adhesive materials

Aircraft gangways can be furnished with one-side adhesive foils with coarse surface. Various types of such foils are marketed as the Safety Walk products.


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