Thermo- Insulating Material AZ TRCoat®   


Are your heating costs too high?

Is your flat too cold in winter and too hot in summer?

Would you like to get rid of heat bridges that cause mildew?

We have a solution for you – thermo-insulating material - AZ TRCoat® that insulates the walls from inside!




  • It is sanitary.
  • It does not produce any harmful substances when drying out.
  • It is vapour permeable, adequately abrasion resistant.
  • It significantly contributes to elimination of reasons for mildew growth, especially in the areas of heat bridges (lintels, anchoring girders, moulding, of windows, etc.)
  • It creates a healthy environment inside: (lowers the level of vapour condensation on a cold surface of walls and other constructions, therefore prevents mildew growth. It keeps appropriate relative air humidity, which limits dust dispersion and mucosal dehydration.)


Technical parameters and characteristics of AZ TRCoat®

  • Boundary conductance: λ = 0,043 W/(m.K)
  • Emission spectrum of heat electromagnetic radiance: ε = 0, 91
  • Retentivity to surface: 0,66 MPa 
  • Vapour transmissivity – transmissivity of vapour by surface treatment: class V1, sd < 0,14 m
  • Possibility of use at temperatures: - 40 °C up to + 150°C without a loss of declared characteristics
  • It is fire-resistant, classification of fire- reaction: A2 – s1, d0
  • Sanitary

Certificate No.: 204/C5/2014/010-032469,
It contains 3M materials



  1. Significant savings of energy and heat or air-conditioning costs. It creates heat comfort faster.
  2. Insulates without the necessity of building reconstruction.
  3. Stops emission of cold from walls and constrains damp intrusion.
  4. High level of air permeability and vapour permeability.
  5. Contributes to banishing heat bridges.
  6. You can insulate sequentially and at every weather conditions
  7. It is suitable for all types of surfaces.
  8. It is fire - resistant. 
  9. It does not make the insulated space smaller
  10. It helps produce a healthy environment.


How and why does it work?

AZ TRCoat® is thermo-insulating vapour permeable material of high quality based on water dispersion. It contains more than 90 % of glass hollow microbubbles - 3MTM Glass Bubbles.

It uses up low levels of heat conductivity of glass microbubbles 3M and their ability to reflect electromagnetic heat radiation. AZ TRCoat® is spread in the width of 0,5 to 1 mm and it creates thermo-active layer which reflects significant portion of electromagnetic heat radiation back in the room.

Heat comfort of rooms treated in this way is therefore achieved with lower heating temperatures.


How to apply AZ TRCoat®?

AZ TRCoat® is applied by spraying on both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces clean from dirt.

In the case of a new hard and soft surface it is recommended to use a basic penetration coat by AZ Penetril.

It is also recommended to equate ragged surface with the use of common synthetic screed or cement.

After getting dry it is possible to rub, re-paint by water, soluble colours or you can tinge directly AZ TRCoat® into any colour shade.

It is possible to proceed from one room or part of a construction; it does not have to be applied at the same time everywhere.


Where can we use it?

It is ideal for inner thermal insulation of perimeter walls of flats and blocks of flats, for shield walls that get easily frozen, for walls behind heating units and for all insufficiently thermo-insulated objects.

It significantly saves energy even in short term heated buildings.

AZ TRCoat® is suitable for:

      Living spaces:

  •    flats
  •    blocks of flats
  •    family houses
  •    cottages, weekend houses

      Administrative buildings:

  •    schools
  •    archives
  •    offices


      Hotels, bed and breakfasts, mountain cottages

      Industrial and storage places:

  •     production halls and assembly plants
  •     storehouses

      Tanks, heat and cool pipes, containers
      Sheet constuctions

We recommend using the material:

      At new constructions

  •     both classic and low-energy

     In the older buildings

  •     lowering their energy demand

      At historical objects

  •     keeping the look of walls and reliefs



More examples of use:

      Window reveal and door cases

  • AZ TRCoat® prevents water condensation on a cool surface of both window reveal and door cases and therefore stops mildew from developing. 


  • Traverses fixed to perimeter walls conduct heat, which is accumulated in the ceiling and it takes the heat out of the room. You can stop this by applying AZ TRCoat® on the ceiling or at least on a part of the adjacent walls.

       Lintels and stuck balconies

  • AZ TRCoat® significantly contributes to eliminating the reasons for water condensation in the risks of heat bridges in lintels and stuck balconies. 


  • In the corners, especially by the floor and the ceiling and where the perimeters walls meet there is a danger of mildew. AZ TRCoat® prevents the surface from getting cold and therefore causing heat bridges which cause mildew growth. 

       Weakened places in perimeter walls

  • Embedded electrical switchboard is a typical example of weakened perimeter wall. AZ TRCoat® solves this disadvantage without a necessity to move, replace or extrude the switchboard out of the façade. 

        Flats and blocks of flats

  • AZ TRCoat® enables to solve specific demands for thermal insulation quickly and effectively, with minimal restriction of regular functioning.




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Thermo- Insulating Material AZ TRCoat®