Carriage body

Improvement of the surface of construction elements, building constructions and flooring by grinding

abrasive materials
In order to finish some building components and to improve their surface, it is possible to use flexible grinding materials and abrasive fleeces on rotary, orbital or belt grinders.

Documents for downloading:

• Scotch-Brite plate disks and brushes - 892.62 KB
• 3M products for angular grinding - 2.23 MB
• Pneumatické nářadí - 3.08 MB

Protection of bodywork parts

one-side adhesive materials
High-quality one-side adhesive foils can be used to protect bodywork paint against chippings and/or to reduce the noise produced by various types of materials at the points of their contact.

Documents for downloading:

• 3M Bumpon – self-adhesive protective stoppers and anti-slip legs  - 813.44 KB
• Self-adhesive Dual Lock Velcro tacks - 750.27 KB
• Self-adhesive Velcro tacks – 3M Dual Lock and Scotchmate systems  - 549.87 KB
• Scotch masking tapes / Fineline precise masking tapes / textile tapes  - 216.23 KB
• Vinyl marking tapes - 216.54 KB
• One-side tape guide (including unwinders) - 1.38 MB

Fixation of decorative mouldings and parts, decorative foils


Two-side adhesive materials in the form of foils and tapes can be used to fix decorative mouldings. We also offer decorative UV-stable foils that can be applied to both exterior and interior bodywork parts. Those components which are not subjected to extreme stress can be fixed with two-side adhesive tapes.

Documents for downloading:

• 3M Transfer and two-side adhesive tapes - 200.88 KB

Elimination of defects of painted parts

abrasive materials
Our paint polish and repair system can help eliminate small blemishes caused by dirt (for instance, by dust particles in wet paint). It can even eliminate small scratches. A similar system can be used to restore older lacquered surfaces.


Documents for downloading:

• Finesse-it Polishes - 1.15 MB
• Finesse-it Repair system - 1.23 MB
• Pneumatic tools- 3.08 MB

Construction adhesive bonding


Construction adhesive bonding may be used in certain cases as an alternative to bolted or welded joints. Fixation of a rear-view mirror to windscreen with glue is an example of construction adhesive bonding.

Documents for downloading:

• Glues – Two-side adhesive tapes – Velcro tacks  - 507.08 KB
• Concrete (horizontal) repair glue  - 255.2 KB

Insulation of electric wiring and components

electrotechnical tapes
Electro-tapes with a wide range of electrical and mechanical characteristics may be used to insulate electric cables and components.

OReflexive materials as vehicle safety elements

reflexive materials
Red reflectors in the bottom part of car bumpers and white framing of side and rear trailer doors represent just two of the possible ways of application of reflexive foils that can be supplied in any shape and dimension required by our customers. 

Documents for downloading:

• Reflexive foils - 3.21 MB