Examples of use

The fact that AZ TRCoat® can be applied to limited parts of structures constitutes a major advantage. It does not need to be applied to the structure as a whole.

Insulation can be improved by single rooms or local problems can be solved. Only AZ TRCoat® allows addressing local details when ordinary re-painting is considered.

 Door and window cases

AZ TRCoat® prevents condensation on cold surfaces and further prevents mould growth.

• Ceilings

Ceiling and wall girders work as heat conductors. They conduct heat that accumulates in the ceiling away from the interior. This can be prevented by applying AZ TRCoat® to the ceiling and at least part of the adjoining walls.

• Lintels and balconies

AZ TRCoat® offers immediate low cost solutions to most typical structural defects resulting in thermal bridges.

• Corners

Mould often appears in corners, usually by the floor or ceiling and at the point where the two walls meet. Mould can still appear on the floor area even if complete insulation has been installed. More often than not, the insulation of the supports and basement ceiling is insufficient. AZ TRCoat® prevents cooling of wall surface and creation of thermal bridges. It is easy and quick to apply.

• Weakened spots in structural walls

A classic example would be a fuse box or a switch. AZ TRCoat® can solve such problems without the need to move or replace the switch.