Heating cable systems

Self regulating heating cables

The production of heating sets based on self regulating heating cables is our innovation. We bring the complete system of warming with help of electrical self regulating heating cables on market.

What does know the self regulating heating cables?

  • Prevent of frost creation
  • Remove of ice or frost from roofs and gutter
  • Overall removing snow and ice from walkways, carry and refuge areas, downhill ways and driveways
  • Protect plastic or iron tubing against freeze through
  • Temper industrial tubing, reservoirs and storage tanks. It is possible to keep the requested temperature of technological lines or reservoirs and storage tanks in industry with application of self regulation heating cables.

Next advantages:




Seven advantages of AZTECH’s self regulating heating cables:

  • Self regulation of heating output in dependence of surrounding temperature
  • Sawing of consumption electrical energy
  • Easy installing
  • Possibility of usage of any length of self regulating heating cable
  • High safety margin against electrical breakdown and overheating namely in place of cables crossing
  • Long working life
  • Favourable price