Although the Czech Republic where our company is based has never been an important shipbuilding country, the industrial sector has nevertheless a long tradition there. Firma AZ TECH, s.r.o. offers a wide range of sophisticated solutions related to production of construction elements, interior elements or power aggregates. Our products will also help you maintain various types of vessels. We are certified by SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o. for ISO 9001:2008. 


Construction adhesive bonding

Construction adhesive bonding may be successfully used in certain cases as an alternative to bolted joints.

Documents for downloading:

• Glues – Two-side adhesive tapes – Velcro tacks - 507.08 KB
• RITE-LOK - 255.2 KB

Insulation of electric wiring and components

electrotechnical tapes
Electro-tapes with a wide range of electrical and mechanical characteristics may be used to insulate electric cables and components.

Safety elements of interior ship walkways

one-side adhesive materials
You surely know how dangerous it is to slip on wet and slippery stairs leading down to lower deck. One-side adhesive foils with coarse surface (marketed as the Safety Walk) can considerably reduce such risk.

Cleaning and anti-stress mats

mat systems
Cleaning and anti-stress mats can be used efficiently on board of ships and boats.

Documents for downloading:

• Nomad mats range - 1.2 MB
• Nomad 4300 - 2.9 MB

Protection of interior edges

two-side adhesive materials
Two-side adhesive tapes can be used for numerous purposes in ship interiors, including fastening of hooks, holders, shelves, etc. (in fact, they can be used almost anywhere to attach almost anything). 

Documents for downloading:

• One-side and two-side adhesive foam tapes - 140.8 KB
• ATG tapes – adhesive transfer and two-side tapes - 274.21 KB