Construction and building equipment companies use a whole range of engineering and electrotechnical products and technologies. That is why AZ TECH, s.r.o. concentrates on them. We are certified by SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o. for ISO 9001:2008.

Construction adhesive bonding

Construction adhesive bonding may be used in certain cases as an alternative to bolted joints.

Documents for downloading:

• LGlues – Two-side adhesive tapes – Velcro tacks - 507.08 KB
• RITE-LOK - 255.2 KB

Izolace elektrických rozvodů a součástí

elektrotechnické pásky
Pro aplikace v elektrických kabelových rozvodech a elektrických součástech lze použít elektropásky se širokou škálou elektrických a mechanických vlastností.

Cleaning and anti-stress mats

mat systems
Cleaning and anti-stress mats can be used efficiently inside of buildings.

Documents for downloading:

• Nomad mats range - 507.08 KB
• Nomad 4300 - 255.2 KB

Floor cleaning

floor cleaning agents
For floor cleaning machines it is possible to use disks made of unwoven fabric with various cleaning parameters.

Finishing of metallic and wooden components, improvement of surface finish

abrasive materials
Those components which are not subjected to extreme stress can be fixed with two-side adhesive tapes.

Documents for downloading:

• Scotch-Brite plate disks and brushes - 892.62 KB
• 3M products for angular grinding - 2.23 MB

Safety elements of building walkaways

one-side adhesive materials
Building walkways can be furnished with one-side adhesive foils with coarse surface. Various types of such foils are marketed as the Safety Walk products.

Documents for downloading:

• Vinyl marking tapes - 216.54 KB
• Reflexive foils - 3.21 MB

Materials for antistatic floors

anti-static materials
Antistatic floors must be installed within all premises in which materials sensitive to static electricity are processed. We can offer some construction elements of such floors.


Surface protection of parts, decorative foils

one-side adhesive materials
One-side self-adhesive foils can protect interior building construction parts against abrasion. They can also be used as decorative elements.

Documents for downloading:

• Řešení pro stavební průmysl - 1.1 MB
• Masking tapes for general use – Basic list - 107.79 KB
• Solutions for construction industry - 216.23 KB

Safety protection of glass against breakage, protection 

window foils
Various types of security foils as well as foils reducing UV rays penetration can be applied to interior glass panels.

Documents for downloading:

• Solutions for construction industry - 1.1 MB