Protection of breathing organs

Health protection must be a priority in all areas of human activities. AZ TECH, s.r.o. is also active in this field, offering top-quality personal protective gear. We are certified by SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o. for ISO 9001:2008.

Filtration semi-masks against particles

Our 3M filtration semi-masks against particles feature some of the latest technologies available. That is why they are better than standard filtration masks offered by other producers.

Masks against gases and vapours

Our wide range of filters provides optimum protection against almost all dangerous substances. The unique bayonet attachment system of 3M guarantees easy attachment of all filters regardless of their type. All semi-masks and full-face masks manufactured by 3M are characterised by high quality and reliability. Selection of the most suitable type of mask and filter always depends on the particular working environment and individual requirements.


Filters and accessories

We can offer you the correct filter for every purpose. The filters produced by 3M are suitable for all types of applications of masks and guarantee the maximum level of safety possible. Thanks to their unique design and conception (bayonet attachment system), the filters can be used in all 6000 and 7500 model masks. Characteristics of all components: exceptionally lightweight, low breathing resistance, no reduction of vision zone.

Documents for downloading:

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