AZ TRCoat® is easily colour-toned.

AZ TRCoat® offers a high quality finish for walls and ceilings, which can match the colour of your other furnishings. AZ TRCoat® can be treated with water-based colours.

All is accomplished in one step, with no construction work necessary, so you can keep using the apartment or office as usual. It takes no longer than a new coat of paint.

You can change the colour depending on your needs without compromising the product’s integrity in any way.

AZTRCoat® is breathable, durable and relatively washable.

Water vapours diffuse resistance at μ = 30, which is slightly higher than ordinarily used materials.

AZ TRCoat® helps to prevent humidity condensation.

Based on our experience, AZ TRCoat® helps to solve the problem of moisture condensation at high-risk thermal bridges, such as lintels, beam footings, metal building structure parts or window frames.

AZ TRCoat® helps to provide healthy interior spaces.

AZ TRCoat® lowers water vapour condensation on cold walls and prevents mould growth. It helps to maintain proper humidity, which in turn prevents dust creation and drying of mucous tissue. Generally, it helps to free the interior of significant amount of allergens and carcinogens. 

AZ TRCoat® is risk-free.

The receiving surface can be later sanded and painted over. The layer leaves no smell and does not emanate any chemicals when drying. There are no health-related risks involved and application does not require special protective clothing.

What are the uses and benefits of AZ TRCoat®?

Walls warmer to the touch, a highly breathable material, acoustical improvement. Works in -40 °C to +150 °C temperatures with uncompromised characteristics. Still relatively effective at +500 °C.

AZ TRCoat® is particularly effective in periodically or temporarily heated areas, such as offices, cottages (weekend retreats), restaurants etc. Thermal comfort is reached faster, even at lower temperatures.